Werardt has an experience of over 25 years and offers various Enterprise solutions for Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, and Ecology purposes. It provides this through a pragmatic Consulting approach and various Value Added Services in these domains to improve operations and lower costs.
For the Implementation of such systems the Werardt team contributes through its rich experience gathered over the years, using its Consulting-Software-Execution philosophy, with the use of proper change management techniques & practices.

Global Reach

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Werardt + Inter Alliance


Consulting Execution Services

Contemporary manufacturing practices - right from TPM, Lean Manufacturing, TQM, etc to Production Planning, Inventory Management and Supply Chain Management - all seem to be common sense. But, still companies struggle to implement these practices. The real difference is effective execution, and this is where InterAlliance-Werardt assists through its Consulting and Execution services.
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SOHAM - An ERP covering Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Cost Control, Manufacturing

SOHAM is an integrated family of Manufacturing, Sales ordering, Distribution and Financial applications designed to provide comprehensive Client / Server support for your organization.
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SOHAM-DMS – An ERP for Sales and Distribution

Soham-DMS was launched in the year 2006 with the aim to increase the efficiency of the Distribution Networks as well as Industrial Distributors. Our emphasis is on a planned approach in Implementation so that you can Go-Live within 4 weeks. Along with CONNECT it can form the most striking solution for the Food and FMCG markets.
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CONNEKT & PField–CONNEKT - Web & Mobile based field Sales management

CONNEKT is a Web & Mobile based System for the Food & FMCG Industries for their Secondary Sales Operations. Covering Retailer Management, Distributor management, Order booking, Schemes, DSR, SKU wise Price Lists, Sales Analysis, etc.
And on similar lines,
PField-CONNEKT is a CRM for the Pharmaceutical Industries covering field operations management for the MR on the move.
Both use a Cell phone as a client to bring the much needed Visibility in your Field Operations to Connect Online with your Markets!!!
FTM – A computerized Maintenance Management System

FTM is a Software system for the Plant Engineering and Maintenance departments for any Manufacturing Industry. Having evolved over the past 12 years through user feedback, FTM has an installation base of over 50 Installations in India and Abroad.
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Web Based Applications for Engineering Departments

ICM Instrument Calibration Manager covering Plant and Instrument information, Instrument Schedule generation, Calibration schedule execution, Certificate printing. As a calibration management solution, ICM simplifies the documentation, data recording and scheduling activities associated with instrument calibration. And most importantly adheres to 21CFR Part11 compliance.
System for Monitoring Shop Floor Operations

Werardt also provides systems for Shop Floor data collection on the lines of TPM and LEAN manufacturing concepts. The objective is of offering MIS for Production to help provide information on OEE and also help in automating the Status Boards on the Production Lines to help in Lead time reduction.
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RMax – A flexible tool to get your MIS using MS-Excel Pivot Views and Charts

RMax has been developed with the view of providing a flexible and versatile tool to our customers for them to prepare and use their own set of MIS. RMax combines the features of Data Warehousing along with Pivot Tables and Charts that are available through MS-Excel.
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