Process Improvements

Record and Track Abnormalities in the Plant

The System is based on Physical TAGS that you will be using in your Company Premises.

The TAG System or eTAG is a simple, effective and easy-to-use system to record RED Tags across your Plants for any abnormalities, unwanted material etc. that needs action. This can be used across the plant by all to record such activities. eTAG also helps record Safety conditions or more precisely unsafe conditions observed across the plant along with various Leakages such as Oil, Coolants, Air, Steam, etc. that are observed.

In fact eTAG will also help Production to raise JH or Autonomous Maintenance tags to streamline this activity more effectively.

Normally a RED TAG is used for marking out Unwanted Material, whereas there are a lot many things that need to be TAGGED, Like

  1. RED : Abnormalities in Machines or on the Lines that need to be corrected
  2. WHITE : Abnormalities found on the Machine w.r.t. Autonomous Maintenance or JH
  3. YELLOW : Various leakages like Water, Coolant, Oil, Air, etc. &
  4. GREEN : Safety related Abnormalities found on the Premises that may lead to an Accident.