The Industry 4.0 Platform to achieve predictive Analytics

Industry 4.0

With the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution i.e. Industry 4.0, Werardt now offers a collaborative platform that can be coupled with its FTM Plant Maintenance System to achieve Maintenance 4.0.

Based on these concepts of Digitization, Digitalization & Digital Intelligence we are now offering a Maintenance 4.0 Platform to achieve Condition Based Maintenance using Edge Computing, Predictive Analytics and later Prescriptive Analytics.

Industry 4.0

What do we want to Achieve?

  1. Data-Driven Operations – Taking Gut Instinct out of Decision Making
  2. Integrating Operations data with Real Time Monitoring
  3. Bringing IOT to the Shop Floor – Source, Connect, Collect, Analyze, Act
  4. Smart Condition Monitoring using Wireless Technology
  5. Remaining Useful Life Prediction
  6. Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning for Smarter Reliability
  7. Using Remote Condition Monitoring of Assets
  8. Artificial Intelligence and IIOT for Predictive Maintenance
  9. A Neural Network Approach to Equipment Health Prediction
  10. IOT-Enabled Approach to Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  11. And finally Skills and Training deployment based on in-house assessment and work history

Our InfraLinkIt Platform that will be used

Industry 4.0


  1. Knowledge Management
  2. Skill Development
  3. Maintenance 4.0
  4. Remote Diagnostics